05/07/2017: Book chapters request

From the Editor: I am currently editing an Open Access book, by the Intech publisher, with the working title "Hearing Loss" . The topic is quite open and I am sure it will interest many colleagues across many different disciplines.

To see the call for submitting a chapter , please follow this link: .

Let me know if you are interested or if you have any questions. Thanks

02/07/2017: Survey useful for Hearing Research

We have received this message and we are make it public, for those users interested in contributing Hearing Research.

Dear colleague

We are the UK’s largest charity representing people with hearing loss, deafness, and tinnitus. We’re planning the next 5 years of our work, and we hope you can help.

A key priority for us is to accelerate the development of treatments and technology to protect and restore hearing, and silence tinnitus. We want to understand the challenges, bottlenecks and opportunities that exist in developing technology and treatments, and what we need to do to have the biggest impact.

We want to hear the views of researchers engaged in hearing-related research, so please can you complete our Hearing Research survey by following the link below.

 We will use the results of this survey to help shape our Research Strategy for the next five years. 

09/02/2017: Social Security Benefits for Hearing disabilities

This information is interesting to the US audience of the OAE Portal. We have been informed from Mr. Gabrielle Gonzalez about a series of Social Security benefits regarding hearing disabilities. The links provided are placed in the section "Information for Families". 

05/12/2916 : Updates on the "Information for Families" material

The "information for Families" material has been updated with 4  Successful Cochlear Implant stories, which were presented in the Second Conference on Cochlear Implants and Music (July 14th 2016, Warsaw Poland).

19/11/2016: New Tools for Tracking screened INfants

In the November issue of the ECHO initiative Probes & Tips, there is a presentation of a simple EXCEL tool , which can track and provide basic information on hearing screening activities. Although the information has to be inserted manually, the EXCEL solution is a good backup strategy for hearing screening sites with low birth rates. It can be also a good solution for displaying monthly screening activities. The EXCEL spreadsheet (2016 version )  and the guide of how to use it can be downloaded from the ECHO website