01/10/2015: MUSIC Stories from young Implanted Patients

The pages of the OAE Forum have been updated with cases from young adults who have implanted at an early age and who have followed their passion in MUSIC. The data come from interviews and poster presentation of these patients during the first International meeting of Hearing Implants and MUSIC, which took place on July 16th in Warsaw, Poland. 

21/09/2015 : New Book on Evoked Potentials

The OAE Book section was updated with an Amazon Kindle 2015 release  of the Handbook of Evoked Potentials by James W.  Hall III.

The eHandbook of Auditory Evoked Responses is a completely revised and updated digital version of the popular New Handbook of Auditory Evoked Responses (2007). The eHandbook is offers a clear yet comprehensive review of auditory evoked responses from the cochlea to the cortex including test principles, protocols, and procedures for clinical application. The latest advances in clinical research and applications are covered in the eHandbook among them the use of ECochG in ANSD and cochlear implantation, the clinical advantages of chirp stimulation in ABR and ASSR recordings, and the multiple contributions of cortical auditory evoked responses to assessment and management of pediatric and adult patients. The competitively priced eHandbook of Auditory Evoked Responses can be used as a textbook for graduate students enrolled in auditory electrophysiology and also as up-to-date resource on auditory evoked response measurement and analysis for practicing audiologists and hearing scientists.

11/09/2015: The future of Scientific Publishing

This announcement is not entirely related to the main topics of the OAE Portal,  but to Science and to Scientific Publishing. A new electronic Reader has been announced which integrates many interesting features, not present in the paper-version of scientific articles. Reader is a software platform that brings scientific and technical documents into the 21st century by adding intuitive navigation and rich context to scientific and technical documents. You can access manuscripts via a URL in your web browser and there is no software or app to install or configure.

The project has been funded from the KickStarter platform, where you can follow all the details and participate if you like.

16/07/2015: Hearing Implants and Music

It is well known that Cochlear Implants can help young patients hear and participate in the sonic world. But what about the efficiency of these devices in helping young people pursue a carreer in MUSIC ?  The first International Scientific Conference on "Hearing Implants and Music" was held in Warsaw on July 16th and addressed this very problem not only from a theoretical point of view but from a practical point as well. Young and Adult implanted patients presented posters with their experiences and gave an impressive performance in front of a live audience. The performance was code-named "Beats of Cochlea". We strongly advice users to follow this performance at this YouTube link.

Since a number of young patients was implanted with MEDEL implants, we have asked permission to publish their posters in the appropriate FORUM section. It is estimated that this information will be available from middle-September 2015.



15/06/2015 : June Newsletter of the ECHO initiative

The June 2015 ECHO Initiative newsletter has been released with emphasis on Learn "who's who" in Early childhood screening in your state